Global Ventu: Performance based Advertising

Global Ventu is a target driven Ad Agency specializing in lead generation and data acquisition, ie. "the generation of consumer interest into your business' products or services". We achieve this by using state of the art techniques on paid advertising platforms such as search engines, social media and display networks.

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    Social Media seems daunting? Not anymore, we know the ins and outs of organic and paid promotion!

  • Paid Search and Optimized Search

    Paid Search and Optimized Search

Demographic Targeting

Having trouble targeting your customers? We can target your audience based on interest, age, location, gender and more. Don't know who your customers are? We'll help you choose the right demographic.

Advertising Methods

We work with various paid and organic advertising methods ranging from search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Plenty of Fish, etc) to display networks.

Plotting the Road to Your Success

Are your campaigns not performing like they should? We've paved the road to success before, stop struggling and allow us to optimize your traffic and increase your ROI!

Media and Web Design

Media and Web Design

We work with clients to design the creatives, landing pages and social media posts to make any campaign a success. Whether it's a simple image for a post on Facebook or a complete corporate identity, we can do it all.

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